Lego Printmaking Workshop

October 17th, 12:30pm to 3:30pm
Adult(16+) $25
Child(6-15) $20
There is no cost for an adult who is not printing but is assisting a child|

This is a fun hands on workshop where you will use legos to create a one color art piece. that you will then print on our press!

We ask that anyone who is under 16 have a parent present to assist. We will supply you with the lego tiles, press, paper and ink, we recommend that you bring an old tshirt or apron as you might get inky.

If you are vaccinated you have the option to not wearing a mask and by doing so you are self attesting that you are indeed vaccinated. We want to keep everyone safe and healthy.

We offer this class privately or even remotely. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions at

Age Requirement: 6+

Price includes tuition and supplies that will be used in the workshop.

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Nature Monoprinting With Ouida Touchon

October 23rd, 10am to 1pm or 1:30 to 4:30
Find Ouida on instagram @ouidaart

In this class we will explore some of the creative possibilities of handprinting images on paper with both the press or by hand. The process is called a monoprint because each image cannot be repeated exactly nor can it be editioned. This is not a precise art form and lends itself to experimentation and playfulness with various techniques and layers of color. All inks used are water based. We will use plant material as stencils and offsets to create unique and mysterious images that sometimes appear somewhat photographic. The transfer of ink to paper is accomplished with an inked matrix, paper, plant materials and an etching press. Each class member will end the class with several handprints that they are proud of and sometimes real keepers!

Class size limited to 8, Location: Desert Dog Press
Length of class: 3 hours with break of 15 minutes
Cost of class: $50 plus $10 materials fee = $60
Info:Desert Dog Press or 575-635-7899/

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