About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of Desert Dog Press is to bring the community, the university, K-12 and visitors together through the art of letterpress printing, screen printing, book arts and printmaking. By offering classes and workshops, Desert Dog Press will continue to keep the joy of these historic printing methods alive using contemporary methods, well thought out design, education and hands on involvement.

Desert Dog Press (DDP) was created to promote the fine art of printmaking by offering access to a well-equipped studio and diverse educational programs that foster the development of printmaking as a vibrant and progressive art form. It is our priority to nurture and encourage emerging and professional artists in the creation of original prints and to educate the community about printmaking. 

With your support we look forward to providing a well-maintained studio for your use. Thank you all for keeping the art of printmaking alive and thriving at DDP! 


-Provide education about techniques, craftsmanship, artistry and value of printmaking for both the community and local institutes of education.
-Create and maintain a professionally equipped, safe and accessible work space for artists
-Offer classes, workshops and events that are cater to all skill levels and knowledge seeking people
-Nurture artistic development through expert support and mentoring from local/visiting artists and university professors.
-Sponsor programs with local and regional college and university art departments and community art centers
-Create an environment in which students (both traditional and non traditional) may come and learn in a safe and comfortable environment that nurtures curiosity and exploration through creativity.

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